Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pregnancy brain

I made pumpkin waffles today. (Yes, I found both canned Libby's pumpkin AND a waffle maker in this country!! yay Americana!)

So I made pumpkin waffles. I got out all the ingredients and put them on the counter. Put the little bit of butter in the microwave to melt. Mixed batter. Made waffles. Ate waffles. Cleaned up waffle-making mayhem. Did fifty billion loads of cloth diaper laundry. (Did you know you have to pre-wash hemp diapers FOUR to FIVE times? Bah.) Sent a million emails. Made, ate, and cleaned up LUNCH. Went to make afternoon tea and opened microwave. To find the butter from this morning's waffles. I completely forgot about it!

(Good news - the waffles were still delicious without it. I know you were worried about that.)

This forgetfulness is a really weird pregnancy symptom that I SO thought people were joking about / exaggerating. Surely - my first trimester self thought - surely you can't leave the house without your keys? I mean. That is just a WHOLE crazy level of forgetfulness. But yes, you can. I've left the house without my blackberry twice. Which is just about the same as leaving without your keys when you realize that you don't have it when you're 20 minutes from home.

You can also go to a gelato store, and pay for the gelato with a 10 pound note. Have the guy give you a loyalty card in return. Go to park and eat said gelato. Go BACK into gelato store and ask if they have toilets. Having received an answer in the negative you go to the Cosi coffee next door and kind baristas let your HUGE pregnant self (the omg is she gonna give birth here? look of terror on strangers' faces is priceless) use the restroom. You get your large, waddling self somehow down two flights of stairs and a long walkway to the tube. You get your large, omg I move like a turtle but look like an elephant self finally up your own stairs and into your flat. Which is precisely when you realize that the gelato guy NEVER GAVE YOU YOUR CHANGE! WTF? Dude, you just robbed a PREGNANT lady! Hope you feel good about your day. You probably do. You're four pounds richer. But maybe you feel a little sorry for me - like, hey, that lady is so dumb she probably needs that four pounds.

Keep your four stolen pounds, gelato guy, I just have pregnancy brain.

My mind will return.... hopefully.

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